Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Fifa 13 Scripting - Post 12

Just thought I would update you all on my findings so far and the set up I am currently running with.

I have just finished winning Division 1 back to back and it was by far the easiest one yet. That's not to say it was easy to win it was just easier than usual because of the changes I have made.

Using my own experience and of the comments by other readers of this blog I created the below team.

GK: Lloris
LB: Cole
CB: Koscielny
CB: Kompany
RB: Richards
CDM: Tiote
CDM: Garcia
CAM: Mata
CF: Suarez
CAM: Nasri
ST: Balotelli

Manager: None

80 Rating | 4.5 Stars | 99 Chemistry | formation 4-2-3-1

This set up gives me a team full of good players but more importantly it keeps me at 4.5 stars and because I don't have a manager under 100 chemistry. This way any team I come up against that has 5 stars, a higher rating, a higher chemistry or any combination of the 3 makes the game think my team is the underdog and the scripting goes in my favour.

As another added bonus I have one non-rare player being Koscielny this also gives me an advantage over players with a full strength rare team.

For those of you that think I blame all my losses on scripting take a look at the below screenshots. These were taken at 11:30am GMT on Wednesday 19th December 2012.


You could argue my record is quite impressive but yet I have still made this blog about scripting affecting games. This blog is not here as an excuse for losses it is here to make a point that it exists whether it contributes to you losing or assists you in winning.

If you compare the quality of the Real/Barca hybrid team I have previously talked about then on paper that team was far better. However, this team I have now has become easily the most productive. 

So much for an "Ultimate Team" don't you think?


  1. hmm whenever I add bronze players to my team or even bad silver ones to lower my rating the game immediately turns the scripting in my disadvantage. but I'm done with FUT anyway. I'm now 30 games into regular seasons mode and I'm still undefeated, so this is much more fun for me :) (I'm pretty sure I'll get a defeat once I enter div 3/2 or at least 1, because I'm not really that awesome). Plus I sold everything I have (which got me around 1 million+ coins) for 75 euros so at least I have the money I spent on FUT partially back :P

  2. Just so you know, I have the capabilities to have an 86 rated, 100 chemistry BPL team. I'm not the best FIFA player in the world & my record is something like 250-50-150.. before I did exactly what you said.

    Since using this exact method, I have noticed matches have become much, much easier.. balls before that would have went out or landed at the feet of my opponent now bounce in my favour.. I'm undefeated in the past 30 games winning 28 of those.. with a shitter team.

    1. I'm glad you have posted this on here at least I know the tweaks are working. I am still disappointed in that this is what we have to do now to try and win, we have to second guess the game. Why can't we just play and enjoy it?

    2. Do the the subs mean anything if you has this team as you showed ? :)

  3. This scripting is getting right on my tits. I've played Fifa for years and acutally went on a 53 game streak on fifa 11 without losing (head to head). This year however I'm something like 200 wins for 190 loses. I'm not blaming scripting for all of those as I know its harder to defend this year but I can usually tell who will win the game within the first 15 minutes of the game. Its ridiculous. If I score first I know I wont get another chance to score unless its the 45 minute and if don't the second half will begin with me being hemmed into my own box for the majority of the half. I've become terrified of winning corners because I know I wont score and all of a sudden the opposistion will have 5 players against my 3 defenders who stay back. Also my CM/CDMs will stop dead on my side of the half way line. My brother in law is new to fifa this year and he is also in division one yet when I play on his account (level 10 to my 44) I will win a good 3/4 of games compared to my 1/2 I've also noticed on his account I can happily see out a tense 1-0 win whereas on my account 1 goal is never enough. I always tend to have 4 games that are heavily against me and 4 that are more even with only 2 out of the 10 in my favour. Its a joke and I wont be playing next year unless its removed. Also my record against 85-86 rated squads is incredible but I have only won silver squads twice all year proof in my mind that scripting is there.

  4. This makes total sense. Sorry for this being so long. I got from division 5 to divison 1 straight away, using a good team the whole way through, but not a great team. In division 1, I was coming up against powerful BBVA and Bundesliga squads but I was still able to usually beat them. In my 3rd season of division 1 , I decided to increase my teams rating to push for the title. I can't fully remember the team but it had the likes of Suarez, Torres and Cazorla. Oddly enough, I got relegated, managing to win 1 game the whole season. Then in division 2, I changed my team around and it didn't have great players. I won the first game 7-1 and the second game I was 1-0 up in 2 mins and he quit (I got the win). After these 2 games, I wanted to get even better players. So this became my team - De Gea, Coentrao, Puyol, Albiol, Periera, Pedro, Alonso, Arteta, Navas, Cazorla, Torres. I then went on to lose 6 games in a row. Changed back to the team I had before, getting rid of Torres, Navas, Alonso, Pedro and Puyol for Adrian, Joaquin, Granero, Tello and Ezika. Also removed the manager so chemistry dropped to 96. I won my next game 4-1, ensuring that I remain in the division. I will now be selling those players I dropped and continuing with this weaker team.

  5. I also noticed that your EAS FC lvl is important, which is actually ridiculous. my mate is around lvl 10 and I'm lvl 72. Whenever I play at his house, none of these problems we've talked about ever appear. I know the game sets you up against players that have similar levels, so why after that still the need to influence the game is beyond me :/

  6. p.s. there's no use for me to try any of these tactics mentioned on these posts, because whenever I do, the game somehow just finds a similar opponent (or weaker) every 2 games and enforces its scripting laws upon me again. yes I will easily beat whatever 83+ rated team I encounter, but it doesn't happen back to back. When I play with an all gold 83+ rated team, half the time I will face an 83+ rated team and the other half will be weaker teams who will get obvious scripting advantages. but than I switch up my teams with weaker players and some silver, and somehow I NEVER play against 83+ rated teams again (maybe once every 10 games and they'll be easy scripted victories) but only face opponents who use the same "implement weaker players" tactics as I do, and again I'll know after 15 mins who will win. so it was time for me to bow out while my record was still positive (about 350-50-150 or something like that). Crap thing is though, I've gone straight to division one in seasons, and won it the second year, and now it's pretty much a completely boring game to me, because every win will be 1-0 or 2-0 or 2-1 or something, or my opponent will just leave as soon as I get up by 3 :/. Only fun I'm having with the game atm is when friends come over, that's it. rest of the game is completely useless :/

  7. You should add a manger in and get you chemistry to 100 I personally feel it makes a difference in the game and also a manager will help you out with contracts and team talks I think apart from that you have a nice team :)!

  8. very interesting, it explains a lot of the loses i have. i swear i have never beaten a silver team, my squad rating is 85! 2nd IF cazorla, IF walcott, torres, podolski, kompany, vermaelen, lloris, silva, toure etc. even the bench warmers are quality players like tevez, suarez, mata etc. beating a top bbva team is no problem, yet a silver team crushes mine, or a non rare team crushes mine, or a strikeforce of aubameyang and muriel crushes mine. also my players with 90 pace get caught up by puyol like they have 60 pace (why i sold IF hernandez). and their 90 pace players bullet past my whole team (even clichy who's no slouch). anyway i think the get the idea, enough ranting, im gonna try this technique, thanks. keep the blogs up, good to read about other peoples fifa raging haha

  9. I had a 86 rated Bundesliga team, got all the way to division 1, which i beat the first and second time, and ever since then I lost most of my matches. I had a record of about 70-5-10 and since beating division 1 it is now 84-8-47.

    The best results were against similar team levels, my worst results were against <=80 teams.

    I decided to try out this method here. My record is now 120-10-51 and am still winning most of my games...

    1. Glad to hear its working out for you, it proves something is wrong with the game.

  10. Very interesting stuff, I always had the idea scripting was there in Fifa, but lately this has become more clear to me.

    Let me start of by saying I'm not a good Fifa-player, I think my record is something like 210-80-205.

    I play in a competition where we have these rules for a team: min. 1 bronze player, min. 5 silver players and the gold players have a max. rating of 85. Only silvers on the bench.

    When you create a team like this, your team rating will be between 4 and 4 1/2 stars.
    I have more than enough coins, so my team has a lot of the silver and gold IF's in it...

    When I play with this team in seasons mode (where you play against 5 star teams most of the times), I always feel my players react quick, passes are fluid, CPU defending is solid etc. etc.
    But when I have to play for the competition (and meet a team with simular stats), for some reason my pass ratio goes down and players who are normally fast as lightning are suddenly sluggish as hell...

    There is no more fun for me in FUT, and I decided to give up FUT.
    BUT then I found this forum yesterday, and while reading I decided to give it a go.

    I have created the following team: UltimumMomentum ;-)

    * Non rares (as much as possible)
    * 99 chemistry
    * 65 silvers on the bench and one 66 to get the rating to 3.5 stars (so it will be less then the teams I meet in competition).
    * For online seasons mode, I replace my bronze player with a non rare gold (Sissoko)

    For now, I have played 4 games and won 3.
    In one game, I had a cheap penalty when I was 1-0 down and got 2-1 up and my opponent missed an easy header in the last second of the game.
    In the last game (promotion to div1), I had the Ultimum Momentum for now. I had no intention of blocking the keeper, but IF Weidenfeller decided to throw the ball against my player in the 45th min.

    I'll keep you posted ;)

    One more question though:
    How did you find out the facts that influence the momentum (for example non rares)?

    1. Interesting Post, in regards to your question basically trial error and it seemed to work its not perfect but it does help.

    2. So do you think a non rare rated 80 compared to a shiny 78 would profit more from the momentum?
      Or is it more like the total amount of non rares compared to the amount of non rares of non rares?

    3. Sorry, meant amount of non rares compared to the amount of non rares of your opponent...

    4. doesn't matter really, at least not in FUT, as soon as you create a new squad with rares, silver players, broze bench, lower rating or whatever, you might win a few games at first, but as soon as EA starts noticing they will match you up with players who do the exact same thing. You'll be playing a tournament against way stronger teams and easily beat them, and then in the final or semi final (or something) there will be an opponent who also has 3 silver players in his squad, no team coach, a low rating, or whatever trick you used yourself, and you'll know you'll lose to that guy, no matter how hard you try. You can't beat the EA system, only for a short period maybe

    5. I have a Serie A team rated 83 with 100 chemistry consisting great players like Buffon, Chiellini, Sneijder, Boateng, Robinho, IF Lamela and IF Jovetic. I win most of the games I play against weaker teams, or the teams match mine or better teams. I sometimes feel scripting occurs but may be 1 time in 10 games. My record is 225-30-45. I've won 6 titles and 4 cups in a row with this team. So am I just that lucky?

  11. I have a Serie A team rated 83 with 100 chemistry consisting great players like Buffon, Chiellini, Sneijder, Boateng, Robinho, IF Lamela and IF Jovetic. I win most of the games I play against weaker teams, or the teams match mine or better teams. I sometimes feel scripting occurs but may be 1 time in 10 games. My record is 225-30-45. I've won 6 titles and 4 cups in a row with this team. So am I just that lucky?

  12. Dude at first i dont beliv in this kinda nonsence but after going through ur article it starts to make sense and i give ur tutorial a go and i wanna share my exp in a recent match with a 4-3-3 bbva top squad and as soon as i had taken the 2 goals lead in the 60th min thenn true enough i started noticing my whole 83 rated bpl squad play like they won the the world cup final even toure at that time cud dribble like ronaldhino past mascherano and hit another one, lastly i appreciated all the efforts u put to let us know that SCRIPTING DOES EXIST.....,so i wudnt be a fool like in the past i just hit counter att just to be conceding in more goals, thank you very much im on my way to div 1 for the title : D

  13. After a losing spree with all of my "good" teams (i.e. high-rated players), I've decided to give handicap a try with this team: on PC.
    With the lowest bronzes on the bench, team rating is 74. I don't put a manager and I have chemistry 99.

    I wrote down all the results, and my record with this team is 12-2-3 (by comparison, my overall FUT win/lose ratio is maybe 1.2 out of ~500 games). Sure victims are teams with rating >83 (thank you La Liga!) and 100 chemistry. I tend to do worse with teams rated <= 83.

    More interestingly, at one point I put in Diego IF instead of NIF: one draw and a loss (included in the above statistic), Diego IF nowhere to be found on the pitch. I put NIF back in the squad and back to my winning ways.

    I tried to replicate this success with other squads (e.g. on PC or on PS3), but they play worse.

    So, even if the results are mixed, here are my rules:
    - team rating as low as possible, 76 maximum,
    - chemistry < 100, 99 maximum, maybe even 97 or 98 in case you come across others with chem 99 :). I remember one game I put in Schurrle with chem 6 instead of Schrock, so team chem was 96, and I scored 4 times in first half.
    - at least one non-rare,
    - at least one silver (although from above's experiment I played well w/o Schrock too),
    - no IFs.

    If anyone has any experience to share, I am more than interested to hear and comment. Thanks!

    1. The amount of times people try this and it works is astounding surely EA can't deny there is something in the game to make worse teams play better??

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