Thursday, 25 October 2012

My opinion about the alleged "Scripting" to do with FIFA 13 online play

Fifa 13 Scripting - Post 1

The allegations of scripting have begun to shake the very foundations on what FIFA is based on and that is its unpredictability but how "unpredictable" is it really?

If you spend any small amount of time online browsing the FIFA 13 discussions recently you may have noticed there seems to be a certain area that is being quickly red taped by EA and that is any discussion to do with or relating to anything regarding FIFA 13 being scripted. If you are not aware EA are now permanently banning anyone talking about this on their forums.

If they have nothing to hide why are they so bothered about it? Some may argue that if it is not true but people start to believe it then ultimately the bad press will damage their reputation and as a result their pockets. This is a fair and valid point but all they are doing to defend themselves are to ban any user who voices their concerns or opinions.

To give you a bit of background information on my gaming history I have been playing football games for the past 18 years and been gaming for the past 20. I began playing FIFA with their FIFA 95 release on the SNES and stayed with FIFA all the way to the release of PES 3. This was the turning point for me and I became a PES fan it had become, albeit for a short time, a far superior and more realistic game than FIFA. Then release of FIFA 09 brought me back to the series all the way up to today and they reclaimed their crown of having the best footballing game.

Every year I have quickly dominated online players easily making an impressive win to loss ratio and with the introduction of Head to Head seasons in both "Seasons" and "Pro Clubs" Division 1 just becomes a matter of time rather than the question of is it possible to get there. 

Veterans of the game who have as much time and understanding as I have instantly notice if something is a miss during a match. This could be something as simple as a miss placed pace to a turning circle an 18 wheeler would be ashamed of. These split second differences in a game as fast paced as what FIFA online has become make a substantial difference and ultimately cost matches. Even some casual gamers have come up to me with no knowledge of this Fifa 13 scripting issue and told me about some matches they played the previous night and the unbelievable things that happened.

The word "Scripting" as what these noticeable changes during games have become more affectionately known as is probably the incorrect term. The word would suggest that each match is actually predetermined before kick off. This is not the case FIFA does not decide who wins and loses as some might suggest it merely shifts momentum one way or the other depending on scorelines and the time on the clock. This in addition to the boosts players have on Ultimate Team anyway adds to a very noticeable change in fluidity and as a result increases questionable actions in defence and comments about FIFA 13 scripting.

If you are reading this then you are probably having the same issues and if I said to you that in the 45th and 90th minute you actually seem to concede more goals and end up drawing or in some cases losing matches you would probably think I am psychic. Well I'm not its just the way FIFA is set up.

Below is a screenshot that was posted on a German forum by an alleged disgruntled Ex-FIFA employee who decided he would shed some light on the scripting or momentum shifting we have began to notice.

The image is quite self explanatory but I will run through a scenario with you.

  • Within the first 15 minutes you go 2-0 up the match intensity actually shifts in your favour by +2 buts adds a negative to your opponent -1.
  • Between the 15th and 45th minute the score is still 2-0 but now you only have a +1 momentum and your opponent is now back to normal at 0. The game will now feel a little more balanced than in the first 15 minutes but you should still feel like you are in control. 
  • From the 45th to the 60th minute is where it all changes the score is still 2-0 but now your opponent has a +1 momentum where as you are back down to the default 0. They get a lucky bounce and the score is now 2-1 and now the difference of 1 goal moves us to a new line on the match intensity database.
  • Between the 60th and 75th minute they still have a +1 to your 0 but you manage to keep them from scoring and you keep it at 2-1.
  • Now up to the 90th minute you have a +1 momentum but they have a +2 and in the 90th minute your defenders miss place a pace or seem to be easily bundled off the ball for an easy finish and the game ends 2-2.
Sound familiar? This happens so often it has become noticeable and memorable.

Apparently though this has been around since FIFA 09 but it just hasn't been as noticeable even their manual explained the affect it can have on your players.

Now don't get me wrong losing sucks I hate it when I lose but if I get beat off an opponent that deserves the win I will hold my hands up and accept I was outplayed. However,  if I lose because of something out of my control then that really pisses me off.

Two examples I can give you that I have personally experienced over the last 3 days. One game I was winning comfortably 2-0 I got hit on the counter and it was 2 on 1 - fair enough. One attacker was running down the wing the other through the centre with the ball. I had control of the defender in between both attackers but a bit further in front of them as an attempt to slow down the ball carrier until the other defenders could get back in position but also to watch for the pass if it was made. However, to my dismay my other 2 centre backs (I was playing 3-5-2) decided to stop running on the half way line. As a result I quickly changed to them to start running them back myself knowing from experience that the defender I was just controlling would automatically jockey the ball carrier with the contain button. As soon as I switched to the second defender the original one stopped running completely and I mean to a complete stop not slowing down an actual stop and ultimately let the ball carrier past. I then immediately switch back to him to make one last ditch tackle and as you can probably predict the second defender stopped running back as well (surprise surprise). As a result my opponent scored and the final result actually ended up being 2-2.

In another match the attacker had the ball on the wing and was about to cross it in. I knew this because that is all he had done all game. So as I had previously done in the match as well as in hundreds of other matches I positioned my player on the lone attacker in the box. As I expected he made the cross but the defender I was controlling suddenly and automatically pulled forward (The attacker was shooting left to right and crossed from top to bottom) this was even though I was holding down on the analogue pushing into the attacker to move him away from the heading position. Now this pull I felt from my player wasn't just a step or two away from the defender this was a whole 5 or 6 yards in a sprint. I couldn't believe it but then I knew for definite what I had read online about FIFA 13 scripting had some ounce of truth to it.

In case you were wondering this was my team

5 Stars - 100 Chemistry - 85 Rating

GK: Victor Valdes

CB: Pepe
CB: Mascherano
CB: Gerard Pique
CDM: Sergio Busquests
CDM: Xabi Alonso
LM: David Villa
RM: Alexis Sanchez
CAM: Kaka
ST: Benzema
ST: Higuain

The problem with all this is that is it very easy to blame a loss on scripting. I have seen a lot of videos on Youtube recently where people claim to have been scripted out of a match but really its just them being actually quite poor at the game. However, there are still those that have caught questionable moments in a match where the player actually has no control on what is going on.

As a result of my research I decided to test a little theory I had basing it on the Match Intensity database and the FIFA 09 manual I came up with a plan of action to do with my attacking mentality and the use of the quick tactics option.

I created a simple excel spreadsheet that calculated the match intensity based on the the score line and time and tells you what mentality and what tactic to play. I tried it and to my surprise it actually worked I won my next 3 matches 7-0, 4-2 and 4-0 in Division 1 even though I could sense the speed of my players had actually slowed and sped up at different points in the match. I could also tell that my opponents were having a hard time playing not because I was outplaying them they were really good players but because I understood the shift in momentum and what to do at different points in the game.

You can download it for free here [Opens in a new window]. 

Don't get me wrong this is no sure fire way to win constantly, you still have to be a good player and know how to play but with a better understanding of the momentum it helps. By all means its no way to play FIFA to have to constantly amend the tactics and clock watch just to stay ahead of the game but i tell you what if you can get a win from it and not feel cheated surely its better than nothing?

I am sure I speak for all FIFA players when I say this but we know that momentum is in the real game and it should be included in FIFA but don't punish good players because they can score more goals than the opposition and then set it up so the losing team can make a comeback. I would rather win (or lose) against someone that is worse (or better) than I am in an honest game of skill.

If you appreciate the points I have made above please spread the word and leave a comment.



  1. I completely agree with this, the amount of times I have lost a match in the last seconds is crazy!! I have downloaded the intensity calculator anyway I will try it out and see what happens!!

    1. Thanks for reading, you will have to let me know how the calculator works for you as well.

    2. Thank you soo much for posting this topic! If there is one game that frustrates me it is fifa. no matter how I dominate there is always the chance that these scripted moments will grant other players the win or manage a draw. Have noticed this since FIFA 10, silly considering that skill should be the factor in online gaming!

    3. Hi there,

      could you reupload the file because I can't download it.
      or mail it to me

      thanks, regard

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      or send in the mail -
      thanks in advance

  2. How should I use the calculator?

    I put in my score / the CPU score and the current time in the match.

    And then I should change the behavior of my team?


    1. Yeah just put in the scores and the time of the match - so the 15 minute time is for if you are between 0-15 mins etc. Then amend your mentality using the D-Pad left and right and then up and down for the quick tactics. It was made for online ultimate team really but I suppose it would work the same for CPU. Let me know how it goes.

  3. I can certainly relate to that second video.

    I have constant matches where my goalie saves it and every time it falls to the opposition, yet up the other end it will loop up for them to head clear.In one match I had Podolski hit the same post four times yet lost 3-0, despite playing much better!

    Bottom line for me is I don't get what I deserve from matches, whether it's defeats I don't deserve or vice versa.

    1. Thanks for reading this Phil, many people are having the same issues and it is ruining the fun for the players who should be winning most of their matches. At least now if you understand how it works a bit more you can adjust your play style to get that extra win where otherwise it may have been a loss.

  4. Hello

    that last video says it all. White team is clearly scripted against, in that moments before the goal.

    Everything was done in order to help the black team score a goal, and eventually the black team really score it was just a question of seconds until they did it or not.

    As you say, scripting is not EA defining the scoreline, but instead helping and putting IA working for the best desired scoreline to keep what EA really wants with the script, wich is keeping both good and bad players winning games, and bad players winning games means happy players paying 50$ for the next fifa14 game and so on. Loser players dont give EA a profit so they make everyone a winner. Absolutely incredible and unaceptable

    This is a manipulated game. This game is a Fraud

  5. The Excel download doesn't work any more. Please re-upload and re-link it.

  6. Hello there,
    thank you so much for this blog and articles. I totally agree with you. Fifa 13 is generally out of control when I am playing. Please keep publishing. They may be change it next year.

  7. Absolutely genius mate! Cheers! Now I know why I tend to lose my "touch" at times, it's good to know it's not me :D Will be trying the calculator tomorrow and will let you know how it turns up!

  8. I never once thought that I completely forgot how to play, 90th minute goals, pk's with no replays, people are not stupid, EA fix this garbage, by that I mean fix the game not ban people from your forum for speaking the truth.. Next time punch me in the face, it would be a much better feeling then getting screwed over for bull$hit reasons.

    1. The exciting thing about online play is you can test your skills against players from all over the world and see how you stack up. Scripting ruins that and takes all the fun out of online play.
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  10. Completely agree. Ea need to be completely open about this and not just bad or intimidate anyone who dares mention it. Truth is though unless people on mass stop buying the game they aren't gonna change a thing. There are more poor players than goods one but who knows if your good or bad anymore with the amount of BS in the game.

  11. I also feel that the AI "reads" my controll inpusts in critical sages of the game (like when the AI is pressing high, and chasing a goal) whitch results in that whatever i try to do to out play the AI, it always perform's a perfect tackle/interception, caching me on the break and leaving me in an counter attack vulnerable position.
    As a other example.. i was counter attacking and was 1 on 1 against the AI's last defender.. i had the faster player and was rushing down on the left flank (Ashley Young vs Williamson on newcastle... a slow defender) the defender was trying to cut me off comming from the right ( his momentum then beeing; right to left) seeing this, ass i had the ball a few steps in front of me (still in controll of the ball and closer to the ball than the defender) i was going to prepare to use the first-touch stick to cut to the right across the defenders path (witch would get me clear on goal with only the keeper to beat).. as soon as i flicked the right analoge stick still with the ball a few steps in front of me, the defender suddently changed his direction thus perfectly intercepting my touch (as if the AI knew where the ball was going to be... half a sec. before i even touched the ball) and totaly killing my counter-attack :(
    this may be all a coincidence, but feel it has happened so many times that it starts to feel like a little AI "cheating"... if you catch my drift

  12. Absolute truth. At first I thought it was due to some players not perfectly fit. But I played 20 games, spent cards to keep'em at 99-99, perfectly fit with a perfect morale. I could not believe how sluggish they played in some of the games. Sometimes I could not even pass the midfield.

  13. أسمحلي أقولك أنته أنسان خونجي تحاول تخرب سمعت EA .. لا انته ولا أبوك يقدرون

  14. I have played over 500 matches on this years title and I can promise you that without a doubt I am 100% sure both scripting and handicapping exist. It makes sense for EA because it makes the games more "interesting" and really makes that person who ties the game up in the 90th minute feel good.
    I really have more of a problem with the handicap system because I have worked very hard to build the team and get to the skill level I am at. I feel like I deserve to be able to have a fair playing field with which to test my skills and my teams ability against my opponents, this is what a competitive game is all about.

    When I started playing ultimate team a few months ago (I had only played seasons before that) I went strait up to division 1 and actually won division 1 twice within my first three tries with a sub 20k team. Admittedly this made me feel very good and accomplished, and I was hooked, just as EA intended. Having that, now with my 500k+ team I am luck to win division 1 once out of every 6-8 seasons and regularly loose to those same sub 20k teams as well as the all silvers i sometimes face. I should be absolutely destroying these other teams which are far inferior, but it is quite obvious to any fifa veteran that their is a boost being applied to the other teams players and a subtractive element to my own.

    I know EA doesn't want to make begining players get dominated off the bat and quit the game, which is why the system is in place, but in my mind when you take your knocks with a lower team and struggle to build up a team you are proud of then you should be able to use that team and skill you have rightfully acquired in order to play at a higher level than newcomers. Thats the only fair way, and thats the way real life works. Sorry for the rant.

    1. Exactly the same as me. Just like last year with H2H, I raced straight to the top division (losing 3 games on the way), and dominated with my Brazillian team. It was worth about 140k because I got IF Reus in a pack.
      I won it twice, and made a new team, a Prem one. Basically for months I sat in Div 1, probably averaging about 15 points a season, which I was happy with. Ive ended up with a Ligue 1/BPL hybrid worth a good 160k (in 4-1-2-1-2) and now I am getting smashed by far poorer teams. Through this rut, I have tried these teams, each one with the same outcome (losing often.)

      Ligue 1/BPL hybrid (4-4-2)
      Ligue 1/BPL hybrid (4-3-3)
      Serie A (4-4-2)
      Serie A (3-5-2)
      Brazilian (3-5-2)
      Bundesliga (4-3-3)
      BPL (4-5-1)

      Now im on my hybrid in 4-1-2-1-2, and its a little better, but i cant help but feel that some of the people putting 5 past me have hardly played the game. I'm more composed on the ball and vary my attacks, but these people just do the same 1-2 over the top ball every time. I think momentum is exceedingly strong in these types of games, and it just seems ridiculously unfair. EA's motive would obviously be to draw in more customers who are more likely to keep the game if they win. Once people have bought the game and spent extra money on building an Ultimate team, not to mention the loyalty lots of them have shown EA, then surely they should be shown some respect by EA. They should remove momentum, it wouldn't have a detrimental effect now because of the introduction of seasons, newcomers would be with players in their own skill group anyway. The games would rely on skill, rather than bullshit, bit part play.

  15. So funny how all you people conveniently believe in this stuff.

    There is no "scripting" system in multi player.

    Every individual action in the game is based on RNG, you guys really think the better player is going to win every time?

    1. you are wrong. i came here because my team wins nothing anymore. the other teams are 2x times faster then mine, always, i changed tatics, players, etc. but nothing i do is changing my "luck". today completed an entire week my team is a totally trash. My team is nice, a 3-5-2 with Neuer, Thiago Silva, Naldo IF (or Felipe Santana) and Dedé. Michel Bastos at LM, Daniel Alves at RM (7 chem), Ramires and David Luiz IF, Carlos Eduardo at CAM, Weliton and Eto. I also have Juan Mata CAM, Torres and Tevez. Lucas, Marcelo, Hulk, Lavezi and many others. But my team is walking in the field, 5 km per hour. I lose to bronze and silver teams easily this week.

  16. i have only had fifa 13 3 days but i have noticed NO scripting

    what is rng?

  17. I keep playing matches where I am in total control, have around 10-15 shots, and the opponent has like 2 shots and I end up losing 1-0. Really annoying.

    1. fifa 13 ultimate team coins:

  18. I want to thank you so much for making this blog, and i want to thank alot of users for replying, i read this yesterday and now i realist why i am screwed in every game because my T Rating was 87 now i put bronze players on the bench and it goes to 81 and i just get better luck, Thanks so much once again. The solution is clear, you must put low rated bronze players on the bench (41 rated-52) and also use a few NON rare players.

  19. It's simply EA's push for unpredictability. And it's a scripting engine. And the more I played the more I started to think 'Does a gamer always have to get the advantage over the other here?'. For example, in the , just say first half, you might get a brilliant AI whereas your opponent might get an average one or a mediocre one but in the second half things might flip at some point, i.e, you get the shockingly bad AI this time round & he might get a brilliant one this time round. And where the scripting comes in, if the game gives you a shit AI & he gets a really good one you will then experience a lot of negative scripting whereas your opponent, if he has much better AI, will experience a lot of positive scripting, i.e, your opponent will have it easy because the majority of good passes you play will get the treadmill treatment & your opponent will get lots of chances because your game has become a lot more 'forced automatic', i.e, a lot of his attacks will cause massive input delays to your game.

  20. Another example, try beating someone when your AI rampantly acting like this (the beginning of clip) for, just say, 70 minutes

    Whereas your opponents AI is fuckin flawless, so flawless that they maneuver like hovercrafts to form a ver near unbreakable defense. That's the scripting engine at its worst.

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  23. I'm inclined to believe that momentum also leads on from games? Simply because I either have a run of 10 wins or 10 losses. But this article is very informative - I think it's plainly obvious to see that momentum exists.

    1.If you score two in quick succession - immediately every aspect of your play is improved.

    2. You can keep out the opposition for 85 minutes, but somehow they can score 3 in the last 5 minutes.

    3. If you're losing, nothing seems to go in your favour (i.e woodwork hits, misplaced passes, poor control) - a ridiculously unrealistic aspect of fifa that supposedly represents football. If anything the losing team becomes more motivated and concentrated because they have a bigger reason to push for a goal.

    I have won division 1 3 times. Every time it was via a continous run of games, without a break. I would advise this, rather than say 2 games then a break, simply because you will find it so much easier. Unfortunately, it works the other way around, so when you lose a few games in succession it can become nearly impossible to pick yourself up (as is happening to me atm). While I could settle for the fact that some people may have caught up with me in ultimate team, I simply refuse to believe that the fact by Division 1 winning team is currently struggling in Division 3 is down simply to lack of skill.

    Great article

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  25. I agree with these comments, scripting/momentum DEFINATELY exists, i purchased the game on release and started playing Career to get used to the game before deciding to chance the online games. I went for ultimate team and started building a 4 1 2 1 2 Brazillian gold team, I quickly got to Division 1 getting promoted every season and after a couple of seasons staying up with 13 and 15 points i won 7 games on the bounce giving me the title. Since then I have played around 30 or 40 seasons never getting more than 15 points in division 1 and have even been relegated to as far as division 3 twice. Now this is what its all about, because you have started losing you want to change your team for better players so the best way(or so you think) is to buy packs so off to the marketplace you go and invest more money into the game buying coins for packs. I have fallen for this and spent about £50 to buy packs on happy hour. I have so far bought around 20 - 25000 / 300 coin packs and the best player I have had is fabregas that sold for 10K. I stopped doing this and started trading formation and contract cards and made good profit. Now my team is a 86 rated BPL 41212 consisting of

    GK Lloris and Hart
    LB Cole and Evra
    RB Maicon and Richards
    CB Kompany and Terry
    CB Ferdinand and Vidic
    CDM Toure and Ramires
    LM Hazard and Bale
    RM Valencia and Wallcot
    CAM Silva and Mata
    ST Rooney, Aguero, Torres and Bent

    Has this made a difference? not in the slightest my 100K brazillians played better.

    So I have played about 500 games now and I can tell when I am going to get beat because of scripting/ momentum so here's what I look for

    1. Opponents wide players and forwards seem to have 99 pace and can't be caught.
    2. You have a goal kick it gets headed back straight to there striker for a 1 on 1
    3. Your opponents defenders easily get back and are perfectly positioned to stop all through balls crosses, they out pace and out strength your players
    4. Your opponents defenders and midfielders charge at you taking the ball instantly even if you make a turn or try a skill move
    5. All your clearances go straight to the opponents players.
    6. Your players dont turn up, they make no runs or give you any passing options and you eventually lose posession through a bad pass or bad first touch and a charge tackle.
    7. You always lose the ball in the air, crosses and corners and goal kicks.
    8. Your defenders go wandering even if set to defensive and you are lob passed to leave a 1 on 1 with your goalkeeper.
    9. Your strikers place a finesse shot from inside the box wide or onto the post and the opposition striker fires in two unsaveable bullets from 35 yards (Cavani/Miccoli/Reus/Podolski)
    10. Your opponent gets a player sent off and their team gets better.
    11. You concede penaltys for nothing
    12. Your keeper parries the ball back out to an oncoming striker.

    So If you notice two or three of these happening in a game set your team to ultra defensive counter attack and hang on for dear life.

    I have this happen to me about 8 out of 10 games and when I have it in my favour Darren Bent has normally scored 4 goals in twenty minutes and my opponent rage quits.

    It is a bit more subtle on seasons and EAS but it stii exists.

  26. in addition to everything listed here i do feel like EA has the scripting kick in earlier in the you could be playing the whole game -1 to your opponents intensity.
    for example, there are 4 games left in the season, and you just need 1 win to win the cup/promotion, etc. i've noticed that you are way more likely to lose 2-3 of those games and then win the last. my guess is that EA wants you to play the max amount of games possible. i don't know if they make money per game played or if its 'you cant be playing another game if you're playing ours.'

    same thing occurs if you win/lose a few games in a row. if i win more than 3 games in a row the next games i'll notice my players playing worse, vice versa if i've lost a few games in a row.

    1. Precisely. You speak my mind. I always win a few in a row then lose a few. The last few games of a season are insane, and I will usually be stretched to the very last game every time, even if I have won the first five games of the season. I could be 3-0 up in a game, and then my opponent would put 5 past me in the net in the last twelve minutes (actually happened to me today). Craziest turn around I have ever experienced.

      Scripting in Fifa 13 is just so blatantly obvious, I'm surprised it doesn't make mainstream news yet. It's a fraud.

  27. i dont understand why EA have done this, they could have easily kept people interested with real matchmaking instead of this scripting crap. i used to play halo a lot and you had to work yourself up many levels before you played people that are too good, they should do the same. mine is a similar story, i have an 86 prem team that cant win at the moment, i have a silver brazillian team and a gold brazillian team that are full of masters of hitting the post or bar. i was winning 2-0 and outplaying this guy, i mean by half time he had 1 shot on goal and in the 60th min my team seemed to have an unknown accident which rendered them all retarded, passing to the opposition, passing to the wrong teammate, fouling on practically every challenge and missing any shots by miles, im the meantime my opponent managed to tear my team apart and score 5 goals before the match was over. i gave my team squad fitness and morale beforehand which seemed to be working in the first half. im not a bad player and im pretty sick of this game cheating me out of wins constantly, i don't think i will be buying fifa 14, i can take losing fairly but this kind of losing just gets me angry when im trying to relax.

  28. This game is just an absolute joke. You people should have seen what has been happening to me today. NOTHING WENT MY WAY for 3 hours.

  29. 3-4-3 in fifa 2013 free download

    Designed for players that find success in crossing the ball from side to side, looking for opportunities near the opponents flags. Keep solid players in your backfield - with only 3 defenders, they must be able to handle many tough situations.

  30. FIFA is being a bitch, we are being punished for being a good FIFA player! we pay good money and FIFA is scripting or game on PURPOSE WTF bastards. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    1. There ist only one way to get EAs attention: Everytime the scripting is against me, I start shooting own goals – all game long. My goal is to annoy my opponent. As long as all the noobs, who are in favour of the scripting, are having fun, EA will not abolish the fucking scripting. They are killing our fun, so let us kill their fun, too. The noobs must not be allowed to feel victorious! Do not try to resist but surrender very early in the game. Stop playing or quit the game. When no noob can complete a single game (the complete 90 minutes), they will be as frustrated as we are. I think this is the only way to get EAs attention.

      Sorry for my bad English, I am from Germany! ;-D

  31. I think scripting is active on normal online play too.

    I've always suspected it and then after too many crazy things happened continuously I decided to do a search on it and came across this article.

    I honestly agree with it.

    Furthermore, I tried your excel calculator and it actually massively improved my results. I doubt it was a placebo effect too because I observed the changes in performance as predicted by your calculator. I could feel the difference in the game.

    Of course more accurate would be to watch somebody play and predict the points when performance will increase and when performance will decrease.

    Regarding FUT, I'm pretty sure what EA are doing must be illegal. If people keep spending money to EA to improve their teams because they don't win as much as they'd like in the hope of getting to the top and they don't win as much as they'd like not because of skill but EA scripting them over. And so end up continually spending money under the illusion it might help, well that must be some kind of fraud? And it is up to EA to publicly come out and let everybody know that the game randomly messes with one player sometimes.

  32. FIFA is being a bitch, we are being punished for being a good FIFA player!I honestly agree with it.

  33. Dont agree my seasons ratio is ridiculously high and i feel that 'scripting' is just an excuse for bang average players who lose consistently to blame it on something other than their poor performance, however there can be no doubt that FUT has something fishy going on within it

    1. No it's not just an excuse. I've been gaming for many years, since the 80's, and I'm telling you that this is insanely scripted in all modes. It is designed to compress skill gap to the extreme...

      Pretty much all online multiplayer games nowadays run on rubberband engines but this franchise takes it to the extreme...

  34. FIFA 13 continues making all the progress it can possibly make until Playstation and XBOX 360 release newer and more technically advanced gaming consoles.

  35. I have a team rated 92 and i have a ratio of 1/3 wins, i use my team rated 84 and have a ratio of 2/3 wins. Enough said. This game is a joke.
    But i cannot stop play...

  36. If people keep spending money to EA Fifa Coins to improve their teams because they don't win as much as they'd like in the hope of getting to the top and they don't win as much as they'd like not because of skill but EA scripting them over. FIFA 13 continues making all the progress it can possibly make until Playstation and XBOX 360 release newer and more technically advanced gaming consoles.

  37. spreadsheet must be wrong because winning 2-0 feels like it always disadvantages you very strongly

  38. How long have you guys been playing video games for? Do you know what a video game feels & plays like when it's not scripted? It's just plain old rubberbanding. Simple as that. Heck even player stats aren't real. It's not about creating football anymore, it's about compressing skill gap by making the game super easy on the surface & then slapping a rubberband/scripting/slot machine engine in there.

  39. Well there are alot of bugs, and gliches. No big bugs but that are dangerous...

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. It's a rubberband/script engine & it's in there to compress skill & intelligence. To attract more people to your game you have to design it to compress skill & intelligence & down to an acceptable level for them to enjoy it. But before you do this you would make your game mechanics 'easy for everyone' on the surface first, i.e, the two button defense machine, the one button auto track from 2ft away, the staggering amount of auto tacking, the general ease of passing even on manual, etc, etc...

      The skill & intelligence is so compressed nowadays that I think you actually get rewarded more for mistiming tackles/fouling lol

      Being a little bit sarcastic there because the skill & intelligence (especially the intelligence side)is so compressed....


      It's not just sports games:

  40. They do the same shit with their Madden series

    No doubt this one will happen online vs. another human as well

    This one

    Ball manipulation online

    I don't mind these things happening offline against the CPU but these things also happen online nowadays. Why? To compress skill & intelligence because that makes the game appeal to those who are not very good & that = more £££

    It's business

  41. They use scripting to 'mask' (or dumb down) the game so that it appeals to those who are not very good at these games & probably not very good at video gaming in general.

  42. To EA about the downsides of scripting...

    The overall gameplay mechanics are so easy & the environment can feel so fake that:

    "The motivation and satisfaction of character progression is greatly diminished when the environment automatically reduces its own effectiveness in order to make itself more accessible to the player (based on their character's current state) rather than letting the player strive to increase their character's effectiveness in order to take on the environment. In a worst case scenario, the player would never have any sense of achieving greater power in relation to the game world"

  43. The rubberbanding is obvious. Everyone notices the stat manipulation of players. I don't exactly know how it works, but when the game wants you to be on top your players will be quicker because his player won't run & his players will get "treadmilled" a lot... And, manual or not, his passing accuracy will be screwed with.

    Your AI will play really smart & therefore making defending super easy for you, and if he does manage to create space his players will get "treadmilled" for you & your AI to keep up

    The level of scripting varies...


    1. Your player will be quicker & his will be slower
    2. Your passing will get easier & his will get harder
    3. Tackling will be easier for you but painfully much more difficulty for the opponent
    And 4. Your AI will play much better

    Just some examples of scripting

    Point I'm trying to make is you're never really playing this game at any point

  44. But it's not just FIFA

    This from their Madden forum

    "That is a very good question I have been just dying to know the answer to. Why are the games scripted? At first i thought i was just trippin until I mentioned something to my friends about it and they agreed that the games were indeed scripted. Why cant EA just build an AI that will give a human player a FAIR and FUN game? Its so scripted that its evident to even the most inexperienced player like my 10 yaer old son, who just started playing Madden"

    And yes it's scripted online as well because I've been reading comments on Youtube videos

  45. I hope that my grammar is good enough to read lol

    I've been playing video games since the 80's & there has always been some form of rubberbanding offline against the CPU to make it challenging (at least for some anyway) because the game doesn't have a human brain inside it lol

    But what bugs me is that this "rubberbanding" is also applies to human vs. human play nowadays

    You can tell right away if rubberbanding is in there because the stats in the game will appear irrelevant - like up to the game to decide when they count

  46. All FIFA gamers are trying hardest with hours spent each day in building their best team. You may find many gamers have some better players than yours, who are also those you want for your team. Every time after playing a match I begin to think, do other gamers win because they have good players or just of their team? Come to to get what you want.

  47. How do u use the calculator? I can't understand it :S

    1. just type your score in the home and away boxes and amend the minute interval you are at and it will tell you what mentality and tactic to use. For example if you were winning 2-1 in the 52nd minute put the score in the two boxes and set you time to 60 it will then tell the winning team to play with a balanced mentality and a high pressure quick tactic.

    2. Dude, their NHL series also uses a scripting engine. This guy ran a campaign to get them to admit to it.

      I think he got an admission in person

      Skip to 3:40

  48. Oh and it's here to stay btw. Not sure if that diagram is 100% accurate but it is a scripting engine - the shifting of sliders or something plus scripting. Varying levels of it, and the engine even siding/defying physics to bias things to one side.

    Same things also happens in their NHL games.

  49. FIFA 13 was officially landed on September 25, 2012 in North America; subsequently it was released in UK on September 28. Just two days for Fifa 13 Coins’s arrival, only in UK shipments reached 12.3 million units, 5 days total Fifa Ultimate Team Coins sales up to 4.5 million copies.

  50. Hi the Wane, I really appreciate the efforts you put in this topic, I was thinking the same since the day I bought FIFA. Then near 2012 I watched a video on youtube about this and I was rassured because I didn't know other people were experiencing this. EA should remove the script in FIFA 14 otherwise, I'm switching to PES14, PES has arguments :)
    I downloaded your excel programm and I'll apply it right now once I'm online.
    I'll share this to everyone so they cn't deny it, see ya later man ;)

  51. If people keep spending money to EA Ffifa 13 coins to improve their teams because they don't win as much as they'd like in the hope of getting to the top and they don't win as much as they'd like not because of skill but EA scripting them over. FIFA 13 continues making all the progress it can possibly make until Playstation and XBOX 360 release newer and more technically advanced gaming consoles.

  52. Hey cool post... I can tell you i feel very strongly about handicap. I used to be more successful with a sub 100k team. now with a 5 mil team I have a hard time scoring although everything is in my advantage.
    I have had games with 30 shots on target and 1 goal (with my 2nd cheap team brazil welliton/hulk/robinho) pure domination posts but no goals.

    I have a 99 chemistry team with ronaldo/ messi/ di natale. fellaini/vidal/bale and alba/ramos/silva/fanni with a 95 keeper... everyone is TOTS/TOTY except Silva/Ronaldo/Messi all 1/2nd ni form
    My Win to loss ratio is at 50:50

    I start the game with 99 chem which locks it to 99 and after i sub some guys and switch positions around to get this:

    At the end of the day i am more successful with a cheap brazilian squad qith cech in nets:
    marcelo/dede/luiz/maicon...paulinho/ramires/elias IF... robinho/welliton/hulk

    With these guys i get a 2 out of 3 or more... It makes no sense how much better everything looks and feels with an 89 rated team yet the goals are harder to come by... WTF!

  53. My favorite is when I'm going in to score, there's a defender trailing by 6 feet at the penalty box and instantly makes up the difference to a) get a foot in on my shot, b) knock my player down or cause him to stumble for 20 feet, and c) regain possession. My other favorite are the bad calls - I can't tell you how many times I've had possession of a ball as a defender approaches, and I foot the ball only to be blocked, knocked on my ass, and given a yellow card for having the audacity to try and move the ball.

  54. Ok so i reach level 80 and all of a sudden every single fut game have a funny lag and players get dumb, i google it and see that theres "lag switchers" so i thought every 1 was cheating, i get tired of fut bs, so i inv friend it lags too, go to match lobbies got inv (green bars) lags too, clubs same bs, even on custom matches,go back to fut same (2 weeks nightmare) then i decided to make a new club on my little cousin's acount and its runs super smooth no lag anywhere, game super responsive even noticed how AI stop may players to receive and intercept passes, score a header in 90, even won my first game 5-2. -_- This use to b 1 of the most competitives games i ever play and now is just 4 noob$$$.


  55. after winning a lot in ultimate team, i m so handicaped with scripts that it loose all of its interest. so i came to play in season mode, ans really, it s not the same game.

    1. So.. It's wednesday... Still thinking the same about it?

      I played seasons too last week.. Went all the way up to div 3 in no time... Then this stuff happened. I've had it with this game.

      Just go to the fifa forums and read the vent thread in general discussion. That's 50% of the gamebreaking stuff that you can experience with fifa... The other 50% are not allowed to talk about on the forum.

      Scripting momentum handicap. It's in the game.

  56. PES14...its the only way to hurt those greedy EA bastards Im afraid

  57. There ist only one way to get EAs attention: Everytime the scripting is against me, I start shooting own goals – all game long. My goal is to annoy my opponent. As long as all the noobs, who are in favour of the scripting, are having fun, EA will not abolish the fucking scripting. They are killing our fun, so let us kill their fun, too. The noobs must not be allowed to feel victorious! Do not try to resist but surrender very early in the game. Stop playing or quit the game. When no noob can complete a single game (the complete 90 minutes), they will be as frustrated as we are. I think this is the only way to get EAs attention.

    Sorry for my bad English, I am from Germany! ;-D

  58. Handicapping & Scripting makes you feel awesome when it helps you win, and that's its goal. But I also believe the engine can set things up for a Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich 2012 CL final, where the game might help you with possession but reduce your shooting ratio so that it can try to play-out a scenario where the other guy grabs a very unpredictable win or draw.

  59. I have not had much experience with with Fifa games, i have played most of them on and off through the years but saying that im an experienced gamer and have played many many many hours online, mostly MOBA games like league of legends and dota , starcraft etc but im a huge football fan so i decided to give FIFA a real go this time and play seriously online and so forth after spend some qualtity time learn to play the game , offensive and defensive i thought i was ready to play online so gave seasons a go , had alot of fun at the begining but quickly starting feeling something wrong i would have these strange streaks , winning 5 in row then losing 4-5 in a row at first i thought my skill level is most likely at fault hence the wierd win/loss ratio but then i started paying attention to my players in a match and there sudden loss of pace or first touch etc and really wierd defensive errors and passing errors , so there is seriously something going on with this game cause i have never experienced a online skill based game that will auto change the balance of a match like this game does....its sad , i rather get smashed by a skilled player so i learn how to improve than beat that same player cause he got script nerfed by the game...

  60. It's goal is to make everyone feel awesome, & even if that has to come at the expense of the other player(s) doing poorly. Just another form of game balancing. How many times have you conceded because the game refused to let you control this defender & you find out why moments later because that defender was scripted to move/run out of the way?

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  63. This game, as is going to be Fifa 14, is shit but for some reason I kept playing it.

    Until yesterday when the incredible happend which made me uninstall this piece of crap and i will never install it again, nor will i ever try any Fifa again.

    This is what happened:

    Manchester City vs. Syrianska FC (me, 3.5 star team with players like deulofeu & jése rodriguez) 1st leg Ch.Lge semifinal in Career Mode:

    Every Manchester City shot went in for the first 24 min. There was absolutely nothing I could do, and I'm not bad at this piece of shit since I did win all of the previous games against teams like Barca or PSG with scores like 5-1 and 4-0. Not in this match, 4-0 after 24 min. I told myself, fuck it, I won't let it beat me like this and kept playing my best until I reduced the gap to 1 goal, 4-3. But then again, the scripting went crazy, each one of my tackles became useless, it was impossible to even position my players right, i was distroying my d-pad from how hard I was pushing to position them right in defense. It finished 6-3. I told myself, ok, it cannot happen again, the scripting will hopefully let the second leg be fair, and knowing that I was at this game, I thought I would make it to the final.

    Second Leg:

    I was playing my best, this time I wouldn't let the scripting have the better on me. So after an epic 89 minutes it was 4-0 for my side. All done right? Fuck no. The scripting managed to fuck me up again leading to an inevitable penalty against, you know that kind where you can disconnect you gamepad and your defender would still do that foul, and a defying the laws of physics first touch from one if my defenders to sent Dzeko 1-1 against my keeper. 2 incredible goals in the 90th minute to literally destroy everything i worked for and in a manner that is beyond belief.


    PLAYING FIFA IS AS INTERACTIVE AS READING A BOOK. Your input doesn't mean shit. What videogame can be called such if your input becomes useless and everything depends on what script the game runs? That's not the point of videogaming.
    I hope some company other than EA comes up with a decent football game and takes their customers. I know it's difficult for such a thing to happen because all of the sheep that blindly keep buying their shit product based on all the hype.

    I still hope though.

  64. I play Fifa since the SNES era. I consider myself a good player and it's hard to beat me. BUT for some reason, I lost 16 games in a row. And it started happening one week after I had spent U$ 99,00 in bought packs. It was something like somebody saying "Go buy more packs, your team is sooo weak, you need more packs, go and spend your money with more packs!!" So, I decided to stop playing this SHIT and I'm trying now PES14. And you know what? I'm tired of suffering goals from corner kick.

  65. Thanks for all of your hard work in bringing this to the table The Wane. Hugely compelling and thought-provoking article.

    I decided to come off 'the bench of silence' as I was absolutely appalled with Fifa 14 since purchase on release day, so I decided to air my thoughts after coming across this thread here:

    Dropped an additional/separate thread here + this was the 'response' I received:

  66. Hahaha they normally wouldn't care about scripting posts in their QA site. They can't handle that level of truth because they pay for their reviews lol Even exploiting the fact that they do.... check out the background image on their facebook & twitter....

    You should be a reviewer

  67. A momentum slider is all I ask for. As it is, I'm often adjusting sliders to compensate against this effect. They have sliders for all sorts of things, why not a slider to decrease the dramatic difference in game play or even a switch to turn it off?

    "Momentum" is an overrated phenomenum anyway. In real life there is a bit of increase and decrease in intensity, but a lot of it has to do with randomness and our human ability to detect patterns where there isn't any. I'll bet if they got rid of this lame effect, the game would seem more realistic in that goals would come in bunches at time, but randomly, as in actual life.

  68. This isn't in FIFA?

    Yeah right!

    These gaming companies should have a regulator to prevent them from false advertising. That's what is needed. It's about time this happened.

  69. Completely agree. Can't we do more? The EA forum is so corrupted, like their game. They even have their own trolls who ruins any criticism of the game. We should organize ourselves to put some real pressure on EA. Any suggestions? A Facebook page?
    Just ranting individually here and there, won't make a difference guys.

    1. Not saying I'm good, but still, I'm all for fair gaming.

      Sign the petition below.


      Example of scripting/engine dumbing down the game for casuals

    2. Sorry.

      Full URL...

  70. Your my hero! Great calculator!

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  72. Im buying fifa 15, but thats only in hope that the scripting is gone, I cannot belive fifa 14 sometimes, my players are so clumsy and slow, but some games they are fast and precisly. whats up...

  73. Fifa 15 will be a unnameable piece of shit exactly as the 14 previous editions were. EA designers are a fucking bunch of shiteaters who deserve to die beheaded and have their carcass roasting in the desert. And I find myself quite kind.

  74. Fifa 13 was the last fifa game I brought due to the high levels of scripting. One thing I have noticed has persisted throughout the fifa game series was the magnitized gameplay on professional difficulty displayed by the computer. They also seem to guess correctly 95% of the time on this difficulty as well! I personally have never been victim to any of these issues on any other difficulty level besides professional.

    I can't say that I'll buy another fifa game by EA while scripting is as high as it is still even after however many versions of this they have made assuming I hear different in future fifa games.

  75. guess correctly in penalties* sorry.

  76. This image below shows obvious scripting/momentum statics.

    I'm the winning side but I teared my hair out to to win this game. 26 shots, 45 tackles, 7 goal post! Opponent has 1 shot and 1 goal! Fuck! Its from penalty!! 120 minutes of super stress makes you a bullshit man. Do not play this game or you will get CANCER. Don't play and be healthier, funnier, richer. Share it to everyone until they remove scripting.

  77. Well...I feel the pain...happened to me recently...I was on a winning streak..9 wins and 4 draws ...I had not lost any match with my new ea account...however,in the last match,even after scoring an early goal,I lost 3-1...for most part of the game,I outplayed my opponent...but my 4 shots plus 3 headers went to hit the post...and his 2 shots (and the only ones )went straight into was so ridiculous n pissed me off...

  78. This is a fascinating and exciting read......It truly resonates with me, maybe you also like

  79. I am generally a new comer in FIFA and my experience with the game is so much similar to yours, scripting builds frustration on the strongest player.

  80. This still does not explain why my players kick penalties right to a goal keeper in big spots with 75 ratted penalties or missing wide open nets I find it amazingly consistently inconsistent however it does make the game more challenging

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  82. Anybody have a new link to the spreadsheet? Original not up anymore.

    You probably need extra coins!
    Start auto-trading with FUT Millionaire.

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