Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Weak vs Strong

Fifa 13 Scripting - Post 6

Another section of this momentum debate (which is what it has become on the forums) is the possibility that a weak team on Ultimate Team actually has more of an advantage over teams that are stronger.

For example a team with 3 or 4 bronze or silver players playing against a high rated gold team actually always seems to have momentum on their side to balance the game. The weaker team will play stronger than usual and the stronger team will play weaker.

Numerous times players have told me they have beat a strong gold team with their starter bronze team not because they were better but just because no matter what the opposition did they just couldn't score. Either this is because the bronze keeper becomes superhuman or the attackers just miss every opportunity.

An interesting example was raised by one of the readers of this blog the full comment can be found here (opens in a new window) but I have chosen a section of it below.

"Since I noticed that it was harder to control de ball with the bronze players, I started to experiment with chemistry so that the overall rate of my team could be lower without giving away my gold players, I was really impress to discover that my gold team played much better without a manager and with the chemistry of 96, than when they had a manager and a chemistry of 100, I have managed to have a gold team with good players rated 174, team rated 79 with chemistry of 96, I did that by having three bronze players rated at 40 on the bench and moving my cf to play as st, so they still have the green lines between them, but the chemistry gets a little lower specially because I did not use a manager, all I can tell you is that since I did that, the force is with me, I almost never get screwed by the CPU and my team plays much better" - wax[]

This is something I have never directly attempted to do but it does make sense to things I have experienced in the past.

I have found from building my team from scratch and working up through the divisions every time I play a better team I seem to do well either winning comfortably or drawing when, on paper at least, I should have lost. However, as soon as my team becomes far superior as in the case of my Barcelona/Real Madrid hybrid my matches became to be more and more difficult.

It was actually easier to play when I had weak links in my team.

What are your thoughts on this?

As usual leave a comment and spread the word.


  1. To have an idea how the CPU screws or help your team, you can go to the settings menu in the main FIFA 13 menu and play with the sliders for the gameplay settings, you have options to change parameters as:

    Sprint Speed, Acceleration, Shot Error, Pass Error, Shot Speed, Pass Speed, Injury Frequency,
    Injury Severity, Goalkeeper Ability, Positioning: Marking, Positioning: Run Frequency, Positioning: Line Height, Positioning: Line Length, Positioning: Line Width, Positioning: Full Back,
    Power Bar, First Touch Control Error.

    When you mess with these settings you will notice that the quality or level of the player does not really matter, you can see bronze players scoring goals from midfield, or slow defenders over taking the fastest strikers, bad defender marking and tackling better than the best defenders, etc.

    Another thing that also irritates me is the fact that in FIFA 13 defenders can grab you and shove you from behind inside the penalty area and the referee never calls a penalty or a foul, it is like in FIFA 13 this is not illegal to grab a player from behind or to shove the player until he is down to the floor, one time I was getting away for a defender with Pato and the defender grabbed me from behind and literally threw me aside and the referee did not call it, when in real life it would have been a red card and a penalty, it is a really unfair part of the gameplay in FIFA 13, I understand they wanted to control a little the pace abusers but this is ridiculous!!! and definitely not real for a game that pretend to be a simulation of real life soccer!!!

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