Saturday, 27 October 2012

Possible Reasons for Scripting

Fifa 13 Scripting - Post 3

So recently I have been thinking Why? Why would EA add something that changes the game so much but also if it was included in FIFA 09 why is it only now causing everyone such a big problem?

My experience of the issues are solely Ultimate Team online. Now I can't speak for the other online mode Head to Head Seasons because I haven't done any of that yet this year. I assume, however, it would have the same issues as Ultimate Team but maybe not as drastic and I will explain why later in this post. I also know that playing the CPU you tend to end up conceding in the 45th and 90th minutes pretty much every other match but offline modes are nowhere near as obvious as Ultimate Team

So Why? I will use the Ultimate Team as an example as that is the area where I began to notice it more than anywhere else. I think that the reason behind it is that EA, as we all know, are money grabbers and Ultimate Team is the "ultimate" money grabber.

Think of it this way if you were a decent player and knew you could get through Division 3 and Division 2 with relative ease but you actually only just scraped the title or promotion because of questionable losses. Wouldn't you think, at least at first, your team was too weak? As a result you buy FIFA points to get a quick boost to your team and EA get a quick payday.

As another view point think of the players on the other end of the scale who aren't very good. Would they really keep playing if they constantly lost? I very much doubt it and as a result the FIFA 13 scripting helps them win or come back to a draw to keep them playing. These types of people are usually the ones that would put money in to try and help them get a better team so they win more often. Especially if they think they are only just losing out because of luck and it's not down to their skills online.

In addition to this as FIFA has increased the randomness of ball bounces and especially this year with the first touch the momentum shift is more and more noticeable because players make more and more mistakes. Multiply this by how Ultimate Team players are already boosted in comparison to their offline counter parts you have a recipe for disaster.

We can only hope that next years release that this is at least toned down a bit but we also know that this will never happen if money is involved.

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  1. my record was pretty good before i got to division 1, i pretty much cruised through the divisions, then i decided that i wouldn't play division 1 until i strengthened my squad....well big mistake that was if this is all true because it feels like it is defo handicapped i have a 85 rated bbva squad and still to this day i havent won division 1 with this team even though i dominate games, im at breaking point so im gonna try putting in lesser players to see wat happens!!!

  2. Amusing how you're all so sure that you are good players.

  3. Maybe your just bad at the game. I think this is a load of bollocks tbh. I think having a good team does help

  4. my record 320-35-114 i will always hold my hand up for a defeat when iv been outclassed against a quality player but thats not been many times, most defeats come from lesser teams where iv dominated for them to some how grab a win through dodgy decisions ect.... anyway division 1 crown now mine after making my team weaker...strange that???

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