Wednesday, 6 March 2013

360,000 Ultimate Team Coin Competition (PS3) (CLOSED)

(This competition is now closed. Congratulations to MD00F64 on winning 360,000 coins have fun!)

Seeing as I have all but given up on Ultimate Team this year I decided to sell my team and offer one of you the chance of winning the coins I received.

All you have to do is click the PayPal button below and enter the competition. It only costs 99p and you will be in with a chance of winning 360,000 Ultimate Team Coins which is not a bad deal really.

You can enter as many times as you wish. 1 entry = 1 ticket. The more you enter the better chance you have of winning!

Winners will be chosen at random on Saturday 30th March 2013 and will be notified by email by 5pm that day (please leave your contact email address in the special instructions box provided through PayPal) where the arrangement for me to purchase one of the winners bronze players will be made at a time that suits them.

Once the transfer has been made the winner will be announced on here within the next day.

Please remember this is for PS3 coins only.

And for those sceptics out there please see the below screenshot


  1. Done my entry fingers crossed great deal if I win!!

  2. I better win this lol I have already picked which players I want

  3. I wonder how many people have done this? Probably got a good chance of winning if it isn't that many. Might as well give it a go its only 99p after all!

  4. Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks! This Blog opened my eyes and showed me what's REALLY happening in the game.
    I tried several things to "improve" my statistcs works! Before i did this i had 220 wins 71 ties and lost 198.
    Now over the last 15 games after i changed my team, chemistry and the quick tactics ingame by the right time and score, i won 11 games, lost 3 and 1 tie (Division 1).
    so i think you can say that there is really an improvement :)
    I'm really sad that you quit playing FUT now that you understand what to do to beat the f*****g CPU.
    To spread the word like you supposed after every entry, i would like to translate this blog into german (yes it's easier for me to read english than it is to write :-D ).
    I think there arre thousands of players that don't understand what to do or don't want to read so much text in a different language.
    And as i guess that the UK and Germany are the greatest markets for €A in Europe, we should really work this out to reach as many players as possible!
    When i see that more than 36k people have read this blog i can't imagine what happens when it will be translated in german, spanish, french and italian.

    So what do you think?

    greeting from germany

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment and yes I do agree we should get this out to more people. Unfortunately, because i'm English and our culture doesnt seem to think learning other languages is important I am only fluent in English. However, i have added a Google translate option to the bottom of the page on the right hand side where the reader can select quite a few different languages to translate the entire page. I hope this will help readers from around the world still understand what is going on.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Well, unlikely the germans aren't any better in learning more langauges :) But it's getting nephew (7 years old) came to school last summer and i was impressed that nowadays the kids learn english from 1st grade on....
    Anyway...if you agree i'll open up a new blog page and translate your posts in german.
    I dont know how google translate works when translating to english but i can say that the german translation is, let's say...weak ;)
    And maybe we'll find someone else who would do this for other languages (esp. the roman ones)
    Is there a way i can contact you in any other way than via the comments here?

    1. Yeah thats fine with me you can contact me at

  6. Thank you for making this blog, i really appreciate it. I like you have been playing fifa for years now and would naturally consider myself to be quite a good player. However fifa 13 was seriously making me question if i was actually that good. for the first month of playing my record was 18-3-13 which for me is absolutely atrocious and I just couldnt understand how i was losing, but i just put it down to not playing very well so i took a break.

    After recently coming back to try again, my record went up 36-4-13 winning div.1 back to back. Then all of sudden as if overnight i lose several games which i felt were completely unjust, my record now standing at 40-4-17. After having played so well only days before i was convinced something was changing the way i was playing and thankfully i found this post and I am now seeking methods to combat EA'a bullshit.

    I'm happy to accept a justifiable defeat but all of the last 4 games definitely had some sort of momentum that was just completely out of my control, things like the opponent getting the run of the ball, my players feeling noticeably fatigued even though i never play my team without 90+ fitness. I really hope fifa 14 changes things, but thanks again

  7. I sold over 1,000,000 coins for 70 euros to a Dutch guy, thank god for him since this means I pretty much have all the money back I originally invested, although it sucks that I won't ever get the time back which I invested even more heavily I would say. If I don't get some significant proof of scripting in FUT getting fixed I will be buying PES after the summer holiday instead of Fifa, or possibly no football game at all if PES also sucks. FU EA

  8. My opinion and also an anylasis i think i was able to make on over a thousand matches played on fifa 13 and thousands of matches played in all football video games that have been released from the early 1990s ( or even earlier i think ) to the present day. To make this clear I am not a sore * for sure because i win a lot more than i lose on FIFA , im probably an above average player , So in no way im here writing this in that sense . This is a real analysis i been making and i would have been very surprised if certain elements of what im going to talk about here havent been noticed by other people , but they did and im quite satisfied by that. In fact i have noticed a big increase of people complaining and protesting about it when compared to other years , its like EA continued to temper with this element and it got out of control or they put in a bigger doze and didnt expect it would be so visible. I love football and i dont want a game like FIFA to end and maybe thats why im writing here but to be honest one should face the reality and if things dont change i will have to stop investing my
    time in it.

    I know this post can be deleted anytime because of its nature but i will just copy and paste it on different sites, forums and blogs regarding FIFA , im sorry but its the only way me and many others that in the past were in few numbers but that today became thousands have to try and save what has become a hobby for us over the years and i dare say even a culture of virtual sports online. I am talking on behalf of many people that feel the same but maybe have had no time to write about it or protest in some way although i know about lots of people who even contacted EA on email and live chats and having always the same denying attitude from EA customer care people about the subject . To be honest i dont think its about what EA says anymore , its about what people see and feel because its so clear and visible its hard to deny it without sounding superficial. iF you want to delete this than delete it EA , it will just show how much you are afraid of people questioning the subject.

    What EA has in FIFA is a great potential of creating the most realistic simulation of football played in a competitive virtual way , I think that the first element of creating a simulation has already good results BUT the competitive side of the game is being hindered seriously by mechanics put into the game on purpose under the form of Momentum , This has been the greatest pitty in these last couple of years because without this heated discussed element FIFA would already be the most brilliant alternative to competitive football played in real life.

    I have experimented with this years Ultimate team and i have tried 6 different formations and different work rates for every formation and have experimented with different mentalities as in having the team play on ultra defensive to ultra attacking and all in between , i have tried it all but no matter how good or bad or how concentrated or not i or my opponent were while playing the same things kept happening over and over again in every match producing perverse results that dont give the real picture of what happened in the game, and this happens with frightening consistancy , One can dominate 10 matches and lose 8 of them in FIFA . Its something that makes me angry and its totally against meritocracy. I dont like winning when my opponent was better and i dont like losing when i was better than my opponont , If it happened like 2 times from 10 i would have accepted that but it is much more often than that. It takes away the natural human drive to test oneself with others and to get better if he needs to.

  9. Every body knows what happens at certain specific moments during an online match and even offline but im going to talk about the online side of FIFA here which is probably the most popular side of any game nowdays . You will find the naysayers and those who dont even consider that momentum is in this game that will tell you that strange things happen because you lose concentration or because the player fitness have decreased drastically or even because you are angry or that you * in the game or that certain things like conceading 45/90 minute goals or making mistakes happen even in real life football , Now while all these explanations could be real if taken in perspective its totally not true in FIFA s case because all these things happen in real life yes but they dont happen 8 or 9 times out of 10 and to almost everyone . If these was a case were a particular element of those happen to only one person or few than it would make sense explaining it simply by giving those reasons or even say its due to tactics or players in your formation But this happens to many people with different formations and different players playing with 99 morale and 99 fitness every start of the game like i do .

    All that alone is already enough to make you think twice about it if you are a sceptic , when you add the fact that these things begin happening in specific times or with specific scores during a match that it becomes something more than just a conspiracy theory .

    For someone who has enough knowledge on football or have played it or watched it enough some things will be very clear as soon as they begin happening during a match In your favour or against are :

    * ( Keep in mind that these dont happen occasionally like in real life but almost in every single match , also note that these lets downs show that who implemented them has a certain knowledge of football and how drastically they effect a football match especially Point number 1 below. )

  10. 1 : The sudden lack of pressure of the midfielders is the first you will notice when this Momentum element kicks in , If you observe the match you will see that the midfielders no matter their nature will not cover you defense and you back 4 or back 3 will be left alone to their destiny . Everybody knows that a defense needs midfield cover in football , to say its vital its an understatement. If you dont have that you are looking at a defeat , On the other side all the other team s midfielders become Xavi and iniesta and vidal so even that alone is a big hindrance , let alone ....

    2 : The defenders running in directions that would never make sense like they want to make sure the opposing attacker have space were to run to. One shocking moment is when the defenders bump into each other and go to ground with the ball left free for the opposite attacker to go and score. This also happens much to often . Even when you are lucky enough to have a defender in the right place he is moved from there By an invisible force and even if you are capable to put him in the right path again and he interecepts the ball he will perry it and the ball will go:

    A : The opponent attacker infront of you goal to score.
    B : Directly and own goal
    C : A corner that will result in a goal

    3. : Players and Goalkeeper abilities seem to downgrade or upgrade by 50% depending on who has the momentum.

    4 : The rebounds , second balls or free balls will always land to
    the team which is supposed to have the momentum in favour all over the pitch.

    5 : The team with the momentum against will not be able to put the ball to this players even from a spot kick taken
    by the goalkeeper , the other team will always be on the ball first with headers and this will result in his midfield
    and attackers trough against your central defenders.

    6 : When a team is given a red card the other team is done , as simple as that , i noticed it means most of the time
    the team with 10 men will have the momentum help the entire remaining time of the match.

    7 : Formations and workrates of players become useless when momentum is against and a bad formation with bad
    workrates will still prevail against a better planned formation when the momentum is with the team using them.

    8 : Most or even all of the following happening in the 45th minute and the 90th minute , ( I had like 14 consecutive
    matches were i scored or conceded in the 45th and 90th minute because of the above mentioned and i probably
    had more streaks of that kind that i didnt take notice of. This is not a 45th or 90th minute only phenomena but it
    seems keen to happen in those minutes in the majority of games.

  11. Now when you take only one of these and put it in a game you already have gone against sportsmanship and football dynamics in a way to hinder a result , let alone having them all in the game , This is why you will feel an
    almost powerless feeling to overcome everything thrown against you in a very cinic way. This is why its inevitable to
    win or to lose in those matches no matter how good or bad you opponent and you played. Needless to say this is
    totally wrong and in my opinion pathetic.

    When you go on websites like FUTHEAD you will notice people saying that a particular attribute for a particular ability is a lie because he is better or worse then thet ecxpected him to be , and i believe them , this is not by chance , this happens because for ez Aguero can become mediocre if momentum is against his team and a bronze player can become Ronaldo if the momentum is with his team , A Xavi can become nobody and a silver midfielder can become Xavi , So this momentum is effecting the whole stucture of the game , the player attributes are relevant only in
    certain very short moments during a match when the moment is on nobody s side , needless to say once again . wrong.

    A sports simulation should work in a way were a player s chance of scoring or failing to do so is determined by his shooting , positioning and other attacking attributes values and not depending on which side is the momentum at the momentum. Falcao chances of scoring should depend on his abilties vs the abilties of the defender contrasting him and the ability and timing and maybe real life luck of the two players controlling them. Same goes for midfielders
    when passing or winning back balls or goalkeepers , this this the enviorment that real players want to compete in. In
    essence it should be down to the player s ability , the players attributes in the team , the formations and tactics and
    even some real life luck but not the artificial rubber bending element balancing the whole experience in almost all the matches.

    Momentum is in the game most probably for buisness reasons because if the so called ( bad ) players are left with
    no help at all than probably they will lose the majority of their matches and this will probably make them think twice
    about buying the game next time and this means less money for a company because 40% of the customers will
    stop paying for their product. The momentum makes sure everyone has his share of victories and creating an utopian false sense of good feeling for everybody so that everybody keeps playing it. This is not the case because i hate this and many other hate it and for very valid reasons mentioned in this post. I think EA should be happy with their annual income of sale of FIFA copys because its already more than enough even without the so called ( bad ) players and take care of the real players that are interesting in playing a serious football virtual game with honest and REAL competition by taking away this hated element in the game that in the long run with brake their toy ( and ours ) . On a serious note i would end with asking EA to stop offending our intelligence and start respecting us as customers , to respect football and sports in general.

  12. télécharger fifa 2013 pc Bâtissez votre équipe de rêve avec des stars et obtenez, achetez, vendez ou échangez des joueurs et des éléments avec les membres de la communauté FIFA. Créez, gérez et jouez avec plusieurs équipes dans des compétitions renouvelées chaque semaine.

  13. FIFA is being a bitch, we are being punished for being a good FIFA player! we pay good money and FIFA is scripting or game on PURPOSE WTF bastards. Does anyone know Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Coins online how to fix this problem?

  14. All FIFA gamers are trying hardest with hours spent each day in building their best team. You may find many gamers have some better players than yours, who are also those you want for your team. Every time after playing a match I begin to think, do other gamers win because they have good players or just of their team? Come to to get what you want.

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