Thursday, 2 April 2015

FIFA 15 - Patch Updates

Now I know I havent commented on here for a very long time and that was because I believe I got my point across to many people about Fifa 13.

When Fifa 14 was realeased and the problems continued I gave up on the Fifa series.

That was until Fifa 15 was released...

On release I have to say Fifa 15 was by far the greatest football game EA have ever released it was fluid, exciting, you actually needed to pass the ball around and in comparison to previous years it was a massive improvement.

Then came the patches...

What was once an amazing game that I couldnt put down had been changed back into Fifa 14 and completely ruined. For the first two weeks of release my fellow Fifa players and I couldnt stop playing Pro Clubs but since the patches we havent been on it once. They ruined the game.

I even sent my concerns to the Citizens Advice Burue as I believe selling a game based on the demo functionality and advertising of improved goalkeepers etc and then blatantly changing the game 2 weeks laters is fraud. Below is the repsonse i got from them


Dear Mr Wane 

Thank you for your email to Citizens Advice consumer service. Your reference number is AK 12493445. 

With reference to your complaint about the patch updates made to the Fifa 15 game, I regret that from a consumer law perspective, because you have no contract with EA as the game manufacturer, you would be unable to make any claim against them if you are unhappy with the changes they have made to the Fifa 15 game.

Your contract is with the retailer from who you bought the game, but they would have no legal liability in these circumstances as the game was of satisfactory quality when sold and it is not the retailer who has made the changes.

For this reason, whilst you can continue to complain to EA and post comments on the relevant gaming forums if you wish, you have no legal claim to pursue in these circumstances.  

If you want to discuss this further, please call us on 03454 04 05 06 or reply to this email.

Kind Regards

Chris Simmonds

Citizens Advice consumer service

Tel:      03454 04 05 06


As you can see EA are protected by the law because the retalier is actually responsible for the game not EA themselves if you can believe that!!

More and more people are giving up on the Fifa series and with the sahre functionality on the PS4 more evidence is coming to light.

I leave you with a little something I recorded when I needed 3 points to secure the league in seasons.


  1. This image below shows obvious scripting/momentum statics.

    I'm the winning side but I teared my hair out to to win this game. 26 shots, 45 tackles, 7 goal post! Opponent has 1 shot and 1 goal! Fuck! Its from penalty!! 120 minutes of super stress makes you a bullshit man. Do not play this game or you will get CANCER. Really don't play and be healthier, funnier, richer. Share it to everyone until they remove scripting.

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