Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Fifa 13 Scripting - Post 9

So I have come to the conclusion now that EA have practically ruined FUT.

I spent last night trying different team setups and I can confirm that if you create a weaker team the play is more favourable to you. However, there is a limit don't make it too weak because your players just won't be able to handle the opposition.

Then this got me to thinking what is the point in playing?

I just don't get it, why would EA think it is a good idea to create a game mode that encourages you to build an "Ultimate Team" and then limit your players abilities because your team is better than the oppositions - Is it just me or is that just completely idiotic?

If you want proof look at some of the FIFA youtubers that have created videos playing with an entire squad made up of TOW or TOY players and actually getting beat convincingly by basic 79 rated teams. Don't get me wrong most of the youtubers arent actually that skilled at FIFA they just make good videos but they aren't exactly crap. With a team like what they had it should be a convincing win not a loss.

What is the point in having a competitive game available if all that happens when you start winning is that your abilities drop and you are forced to lose a game because your opponent isnt that good.

We all pay good money to play this game and prove our abilities online against others around the world, it's all about the testosterone driven desire to be the best. EA have taken this away completely this year and we are now all dependant on whether the game wants us to do well or not.

Imagine any competitive sport where one player starts to play better than the other and then the powers that be decide it's becoming unfair and handicap the team in control. There would be uproar so why should it be any different on FIFA 13?

I'm sure there has got to be something a bit illegal about what they have done this year especially if we are paying money into FUT but not actually receiving what we paid for because of the limitations.


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  1. of course it must be illegal, why would EA deny it otherwhise?

    they are seeling what obviously is not what they say it is, and it is not what we think it is. So i think it mus be some kind of counterfeiting. It would be ok if they admited scripting momentum was a feature, but while denying it, they are lying to us. So basically fifa13 is a worldwide spread fraud used to give them money, using us as poor idiots happy to play a footie game not knowing. Its like bicicle that says its made of carbon and then you realise its made of solid heavy steel. Wouldnt that be considered fraud?

  2. Agreed but you know what? Dspite the thousands of users complaining all over the world, I am 100% sure that FIFA14 will be another hit for them.
    We, as users, have the greatest power, it is us that ultimately decree the success of a game so what we should all do is just stop buying this videocrap unless they fix it for good. But this, sadly, will never happen.

    1. That's the issue - as long as people keep buying they won't change it.

      Its the same with COD I used to be a die hard fan up until Black Ops 2 where I realised they were just doing the same thing everytime but the only difference was they are now charging more for DLC and Elite passes.

      As long as the fan boys keep paying they will keep producing.

  3. If you're such a professional why don't you just look in the game code, oh look, ITS FUCKING NOTHING.

    Excuses from bad players are amazing.

    1. My record on FUT is 89-5-8 I have won Division 1 twice so if you have paid any attention to this blog you will know im not blaming any losses on scripting I am merely debating the issues that the players skills are altered mid game depending on different scenarios.

      Your mindless comment tells me your about you are one of these people with a 1:1 win ratio and actually think it is you playing well to come back from 2-0 down and not because of any help from the game.

      Not a single person is solely blaming their losses on scripting the are complaing about the gameplay not being as equal as it should be that is all.

  4. Ah, UT. IN FIFA 12 it was too slow, too hard (bronze goalkeepers were useless and online or v cpu your opponent could shoot and score from anywhere) and took too long to build a good team (coins eaten up by contracts all the time).

    So in FIFA 13 EA go the other way for UT: too arcadey, too fast and much easier to get coins and build a great team. I must admit as someone who hated FUT 12 I enjoyed the revamped hub and easier experience to begin with but the scripting/handicapping (I'm glad you used that word, they handicap the goalkeepers, I've noticed) is now ruining the game. It's been worse for me in the past three weeks, coincidentally exactly when I finished my two squads with the highest level players. I won more games when I was slowly improving my team and playing with players rated in the 70s.

    Oh, and I was banned from EA FIFA 13 forum for posting about handicapping. Ha.

    1. How can EA really say they have done nothing and there is no "scripting" when so many people are noticing these issues it amazes me.

  5. Hola there,

    First, nice blog with a great theme. I haven't played Fifa between the years 2000 - 2011, the first Fifa I picked up in ages was Fifa 12. The scripting, or handicap, it is most certain in the game. It's not even something for debate anymore. In Fifa 12 it was obvious, but in Fifa 13 is even more obvious.

    As everyone else I started with a weak team and soon had my first silvers. I mixed the silvers with the bronze players and I could beat Ultimate difficulty with ease on FUT. Then came the moment I only used gold player, Dutch Eredivisie players. Suddenly I struggled and couldn't complete the First league offline seasons, the one that gives 5000 coins if you get 28 points in 10 matches. So, why is it that first I could beat Ultimate with scores like 5 - 0 and later on with only gold players I struggled, winning with only 1 - 0 or 2 - 1 scores, or even losing matches. It became clear to me, it had to be because of the gold players. Today, I switched half my gold team with silver (and one bronze) players and ha, I'm the King again, I beat Ultimate difficulty with ease. So yea, as you said in your article, there's most definately a handicap.

    As far as the term handicap/scripting/momentum, I think scripting is a term that applies aswell. You yourself have posted example videos of situations where there's obvious scripting, not just a handicap, but blatant scripting (e.g. the ball won't leave the box, the ball glued to the AI's feet, etc.). In the end, giving the player a handicap or boosting the AI IS a script, after all. Anyway, keep up the good blog. I'm off to win some matches with my silver team haha, God, EA.. Thanks for letting me use my best team, idiots..

  6. The Wane, you are new to playing fifa or work for ea or something, I have played alot more games then you and can clearly tell its scripted, I really am amazed at your record as I know for a fact for me that would be impossible only because of factors beyond my control.. Ya you would have some ball to say your 8 losses were due to scripting, you obviously do not get 90th minute goals scored on you, you obviously do not get pk's with no replays called on you, you are the one who is always first to every ball and win's every 50 - 50 ball, by the way what button do you use for that?? Exactly what i thought..

    1. Thanks for your comment however, If you read my first post it explains my history of FIFA also I have never claimed all my losses are due to scripting what I have actually stated is that some of my results are affected by scripting whether it be for or against me. My knowledge of scripting came from the first 15 matches I played this year and as a result I amended my playing tactics as explain in the first post. Now I have over 100 games played on ultimate team and with only 12 losses in total if you wish I will post a screenshot. I have figured it out pretty much completely. I have just won division 1 again back to back using the tactics I have explained in previus posts. Also I have reduced the quality of my team to an 81 rating 4 and half star with 99 chemistry (no manager). This has made a dramatic improvement to my team as now they get the boosts almost every match because my opponent usually has a higher rated team and almost always 100 chem. As a result the game thinks i am the underdog and gives me the boosts which allow me to control the game easier.

  7. I am new to this post it is very interesting, with regards to the record you should have won every division which would be very hard playing online divisions, if your playing offline cups then it is a very achievable record

  8. you are right
    i brought 11 blue players very expensive but i loss every time
    with players low level i win easily
    i don't know what i have to do
    why ea give out blue players if they can't play like gold or silver or bronze players
    my 5 controllers is broken coz they were too slow and doing me headache
    i paid 110E for one cntroller(scuf) but change nothing coz fuckin ea is scripting

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