Sunday, 4 November 2012

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Fifa 13 Scripting - Post 8

I know I said I was taking a few days off before I carried on with this but someone posted a comment on one of the forums and I believe it sums this FIFA 13 Scripting issue perfectly.

"If you dont think scripting is in the game then you're entitled to your opinion. I think it does exist and these are the reasons....

In most of my offline ultimate team matches I play i end up scoring between 2 and 5 goals by the 80th minute depending on the difficulty. I can almost always guarantee that the computer will score a consolation goal in the last 5 - 10 minutes of the match. I dont suddenly become complacent or worse at the game, the scripting raises the cpu stats/intensity/attack rate by an amount and probably reduces my players abilities. If you cant notice this then u arent playing the same game. I dont care what u say about EA trying to make it realistic etc and players getting complacent if they're winning in the final stages of a match, that shouldnt come into the game because it is a game and WE control the players. I dont want my soldier on COD missing his targets cos hes tired, or pissed off, or hes demoralized that soldiers get shit wages or something I want to control the game!

On ultimate team when playing online I slowly began to build a better team, but once my team reached level 85 they began playing like a piece of shit, im talking 30% posession a game. AND IM NOT PLAYING ANY DIFFERENTLY THAN I USUALLY DO! I agree that possibly the team couldve began lacking some balance in some way but not that much since the players I bought, in theory should have improved my team. And guess what, I sold that team and bought an average team with scott parker, hernandez and toite etc then put some bronze players on the bench to make it level 75. These guys play like their lives depend on it! I won the division 1 trophy 4 times and actually named my team "handicap team." Next I thought, ok I'll splash out on gareth bale, give me a bit of pace on the left midfield and Im a big fan of his in real life. Big surprise, my WHOLE team start playing like they're blind and obese so I sold him and my team went back to playing great again.

My point is EA have this system to make money, they are well known to be the greediest game publisher ever to exist. If you have a good team they will limit its ability in order for you to get annoyed and think u need to improve and maybe buy more packs, or even your first pack, they dont give a shit aslong as you buy packs. If you have a crap team then what will happen is the stats will get boosted until your team reaches a good level then they even it out just to piss you off and make u think "maybe my team needs strengthening" and go buy a pack or two. This is due to the fact you got so pissed off that you gave away that 3 - 0 lead because your players suddenly started moving really slowly and passing to the opposition and their goalkeeper has better reactions that a cat on speed. Also they want crap players to keep playing, not to give up after they lose 15 games on the trott which would happen if the handicapping wasnt in the game. Fifa can be the most infuriating game, not because Im crap at it, which im not, im average, infact i dont actually know how good I am at it because it all depends on whether my players are half asleep or not which i have no control over. I know on seasons I usually win, probably because of the lack of handicap (no packs in that game mode!) Its so obvious and has really put me off the buying another fifa game. Also they ban anyone who mentions handicapping/scripting on their forums, and a disgruntled employee of EA posted a screen shot of players intensity in a match depending on the score which atleast proves momentum exists anyway."

Do you agree?


  1. I totally agree, I think apart from the help for the weaker team and the momentum, I also noticed the CPU helps new players (level 0),to test it, I started a new account in xbox live my first 2 or 3 games were crazy my players were almost scoring by themselves, to score a goal was super easy and I beat platers with super teams and years playing as I could notice at the end of the games by the date they established their teams, so ea sports does something like a cycle that makes your team has a 80 or 90% chance of winning every 3 matches or so, they also screw your team every 3 or 4 games to make sure you lose or at lest your chances of winning would be very low, I think this is done in case you are super good you will lose sometimes and if you are bad you will win sometimes, with this I think they want to keep everybody addicted to the game and changing their teams looking for solutions for the lost matches, I am an programmer myself, so I have been doing a lot of testing to find a pattern, but to be honest and from my testing, all what I have found is that your chances of winning if you have a team rated over 84 are going to be lower than if you play with a team that is rated 75 (and you choose your players carefuly and if needed you put some bronzes in the bench), however you will get screw sometimes anyway, maybe by new players that are having all the help from cpu or just because you have been winning too often and this is just your turn to lose a game. I have also noticed that the higher chance of having a fair match is when your team shares the same rate as you opponent and the level you have reached in FIFA is very similar to you opponent Level, if that occurs the only intervention from the cpu would be the momentum shifting, otherwise there are going to occur other interventions that will determine almost for sure the result of the match and which are out of your control as a player and which make me just want to stop playing FIFA due to the frustation they produce me, thanks for reading!!!

  2. I don't play offline so I can't say but FUT is a complete joke, the game is seriously broken. It was in 12 as well but now it is way worse. I thought it might have been related to lag and issue connectivity but of course the high number of complains all around the world seems to point in a different directions.
    I am only sure of one thing: this is the last fifa game for me and I also have some suggestions if you are planning to buy the game to play fut: do not do that, it might seriously damage your health!

  3. I´m really glad all these pages about scripting are starting to show up. I´ve been playing Fifa since ´03 and even though all of them have been scripted in some way, this year´s version is by far the worst. I´ve played three seasons with Liverpool in career mode and in 95% of the matches throughout the season the scripting takes effect. I usually start the matches by scoring a goal or two, but then it stops. Suddenly I´m hitting the posts and the opponent (or the keeper) makes some ridiculous blocks and saves. And from around 60 minutes you can be sure the game shifts momentum. Suddenly my players seems to have planted their legs in some honeybutter and their first touches are like a 2 year old. And you can be sure they score a equalizer or the winning goal in the 90th minute. This happens EVERY TIME!! This is so damn frustrating and obvious that I´m surprised EA doesn´t get more complaints than they do.

    In the beginning I thought maybe it was the way I was playing or the formations I used, but whatever tactics or custom formation I try out I´m just helpless when the AI thinks enough is enough. This is so frustrating I want to break the disc in half. I want my money back EA!

  4. I just started playing seasons again I went up pretty rapidly to division 3, then all of a sudden I can't do a thing, players have become unresponsive, I really have no attacking options, even if I go ultra attacking they still don't push up the field, totally pissed of with it, you can see in the games even online the cpu does all the things for the team it wants to, and in the last three games I got kicked from Xbox live at half time, making me lose my status in division 3, I wonder how much is scripting and how much p2p connection, but something is wrong and fifa should explain it, because to be honest I may sell up and try and walk away from it, why should good players have there fun reduced, the other day I played a friend in online friendlies and I was Liverpool, he said why have I got a pure white kit on lol, when he looked my Liverpool players had a spurs kit on, he sent me a pic from his phone, what a glitchy, work when it wants piece of crap this is, I would love to meet the yank makers!!

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